Your Home. Your Vote. Make it Count!

The federal election will be held on October 19, 2015.
This is your chance to have a say on how your federal government supports housing, homeowners and buyers.
Utilize your vote to ensure that the federal government understands the importance of making housing and home ownership a priority.

Consider These Issues Before Voting

Home ownership is directly affected by the decisions at all levels of government.
They can impact the affordability of purchasing and owning a home, the supply of affordable housing, the economy, and quality of life.
Ask these questions before you vote:

Support Home Ownership:

Will the candidate and their political party support home ownership through indexation of the Home Buyers' Plan?

Does the political party/candidate support extending the use of the Home Buyers' Plan?

Economy and Jobs:
What will the political party/candidate do to enhance economic growth and ensure that jobs are available?
How will your government support small-business people, like REALTORS®, to ensure their businesses thrive?

Affordable Housing:
What will the political party/candidate do to ensure an adequate supply of affordable housing?
What will the political party/candidate do to ensure home ownership is affordable?


GTA Candidates

Find out where candidates stand on issues that matter to you.

Responses will be posted as they become available.


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REALTOR® Action Network

Are you a REALTOR® who wants to take additional action? Join the Canadian Real Estate Association's (CREA) REALTOR® Action Network (RAN).

The REALTOR® Action Network enables you to:

Mitigate the outcome of federal government decisions that impact your business and clients
by being instantly connected with your Member of Parliament when you receive a Call to Action e-mail from CREA.

Get the inside track on federal legislation and regulation that impacts your business.
In doing so, put yourself in a better position to help your clients understand how they will be affected.

Provide input into CREA's federal affairs program.


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