REALTORS® Vote Majority of GTA REALTORS® Voted in the Last Federal Election

Did you know that 79 per cent of GTA Realtors voted in the 2011 federal election? 
Compare that to the 61 per cent of the general public voted in the last federal election. 

Why do the majority of GTA Realtors get out and vote? 

GTA Realtors vote because they care about the Canadian economy, employment, infrastructure and families.  Realtors know how decisions made in Ottawa can directly impact the prosperity of their community and its residents.   Realtors are business people who contribute and believe in civic participation.

So, join GTA Realtors on October 19 and vote.   After all, it's Your Home. Your Vote.

Want to know more about where the major parties stand on housing related issues? 

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